Straight flight staircases are in many cases regarded as heavy, clumsy and room dominating. Spiral staircases are considerably more slender and blend well with the surrounding environment. Often space for a staircase is limited, then straight flight staircases can be very steep, meaning that they can become very complex and expensive. Spiral staircases require small base area irrespective of how high they are.

Most popular solution for residential premises is spiral staircases equipped with a center pole with treads radiating from it (treads can be open or closed) although options are limitless for both home or commercial projects. As with all the other staircases, stainless steel or mild steel are most commonly used. Treads can be made from solid wood, glass, mild steel, tiles, marble or any other surface material. Pictures of examples are shown below. We always make sure that customers receive exactly what they had in mind.


The design work
3D Visualization
Preparation of drawings
Plasma cutting
Welding works
Turning works
CNC milling