We never take staircase for granted because it isn't just a link between two floors, it's a core architectural feature aesthetically pleasing and defining the interior style. Steel has a number of advantages over other stair building materials. It is more durable and has superior strength, giving the opportunity to engineer slim architectural designs. HC Cosmos has long-standing experience in designing, manufacturing all types of stairs: straight flight, winders, spiral, curved, open and closed riser, and cut string.

HC Cosmos Ltd. designers' and engineers' team always select optimal staircases be it a classical or modern architecture home. However, as evidenced by many of our straight stair designs, we are able to deftly blend tradition and innovation together. Our steel stair building knowledge and experience is highly regarded among contractors and end users who need a reliable service at an affordable price.



The design work
3D Visualization
Preparation of drawings
Plasma cutting
Welding works
Turning works
CNC milling