Industrial sliding gates

With little or no maintenance required sliding gates can easily be automated for remote operation. That is the main reason why it is number one option for industrial gates.

Automatic sliding gates provide high-security solution and are common in larger commercial and industrial applications. Exceptional security is achieved through safety beams, automatic locking and heavy duty latch post integrated into the gate system. Due to their operation and positioning, when closed they are almost impossible to open. They are held in place by the lock system of drive motor, and other features of the installation, such that they cannot be wedged sideways.

Control options include GSM intercom connected to mobile phone or radio remote control.

Sliding gates are ideal in rising driveways since they do not have to "rise up" the driveway. Vehicles can come close to the gate, not risking being hurt when opening sash.

Cantilever System

The entire gate is suspended on a relatively short cantilever system involving wheels set in a channel. The "overhang" of the gate beyond the opening is usually around 30% to 40% of the nominal gate width and entire gate pivots on the cantilever wheels. It operates by running back and forth on these cantilever wheels.

Size and Weight Factor

A critical factor in sliding gates is the weight of gate leaf. The entire gate leaf is both powered by and resting on the drive unit. Automatic sliding gate systems are calibrated in terms of gate weight in relation to motor specification.

Heavier commercial/industrial sliding gate leaves require motors which drive weights in the region 1000 Kg to 2000 Kg. (motors usually require 240V, single-phase AC supply.)

Exceptionally heavy industrial gates in excess of 20 meters, require motors capable of driving gates in the region of 2000Kg to 4000Kg, (motors usually require 370-415V, three-phase AC supply.)

Industrial sliding gatesIndustrial sliding gatesIndustrial sliding gatesIndustrial sliding gates


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